Episode Three: Tween Anxiety


  • Sarah Silverman on the relative merits of her virtual pet owl
  • Shane Carruth on the sound of  his new film, Upstream Color
  • Conan O’Brien on “Benny,” a dissatisfying, unhelpful Frankenstein monster
  • A brief, bizarre conversation between Jack White and Conan O’Brien
  • Novelist Rachel Kushner (The Flamethrowers, Telex From Cuba) in conversation with painter Laura Owens (many awesome paintings)
  • JM Tyree and Ben Walters on the relative merits of the 1958 horror-cheese classic The Blob
  • Charlie White and Boom Bip cut an album composed entirely of the anxieties of young people
  • Nathan Salsburg on a treasure trove of hillbilly records he found in a Louisville Dumpster
  • More, some more

Sarah Silverman’s owl speech was written by Alena Smith. Shane Carruth was interviewed by Ross Simonini, who also produced the Charlie White piece. Conan O’Brien’s Frankenstein riff was produced by Jack White. Nathan Salsburg’s story was produced by Matt Frassica. Thanks for listening! Please give us a rating on iTunes if you have a sec. Sad as it is, podcasts can’t get all of their nutrition from listeners alone — they need iTunes ratings to thrive.

Web extras: hear an extended edit of the Rachel Kushner / Laura Owens interview.