Episode Four: Richard, the Angel of Death

In this episode:

  • James Franco performing a new original radio drama by the playwright Will Eno
  • Jonathan Coulton on the strange (and infuriating) intersection of Sir Mix-a-Lot, U.S. copyright law, and Glee
  •  Tao Lin on speaking very slowly
  • Kitty and Kool A.D. rapping Tao Lin’s fiction as quickly as possible
  • the artist Nick Cave on his horsey sound installations in Grand Central Station
  • Isis Aquarian on documenting her years living with two hundred other members of the Source Family cult in a mansion in L.A.
  • Julian Koster of the Music Tapes on his touring sideshow, The Traveling Imaginary
  • A tiny bit more!

Jonathan Coulton’s story was produced by Andrea Silenzi of the FMA. Christian Lorentzen appears in the Tao Lin piece. Nick Cave’s story was reported by Anna Altman. Isis Aquarian was interviewed by Patrick James.

Listen to a mixtape of songs chosen by Kitty to score this month’s episode.