Ross Simonini

The Glottal Break

This week’s show features an interview with composer and singer, Meredith Monk, who holds the 2014-2015 Composer’s Chair at Carnegie Hall. For 50 years, Monk has created music that bends the limits of the human voice, much of it connected to her own films, dance, opera, and site-specific performances. The Organist’s executive producer, Ross Simonini interviews her about Buddhism, […]

Episode 22: Breathing Exercises

  This week the Organist explores sound design in two new documentaries, Irene Lusztig’s The Motherhood Archives and Matt Wolf’s Teenage. The films each use a combination of archival footage and original music to convey the cultural constructions of two very separate stages of human development–birth and adolescence.    

Episode 17: Barely Not Shaking

This week’s show features actor, writer, and artist James Franco (Spring Breakers, Palo Alto) performing a radio play by playwright Will Eno (Thom Pain (based on nothing), The Realistic Joneses) written exclusively for the Organist. Filmmaker Harmony Korine discusses his novel, A Crackup at the Race Riots, and some unreleased songs he wrote and recorded […]

The Organist Episode 13: High-Heeled Boys

Annie Clark, better known by her stage name, St. Vincent, gives the listener a tour through her personal musical history. She talks about the music that raised and influenced her from age two (Ritchie Valens) through high school (Sonic Youth, Solex, Fiona Apple, Big Black). She also made a mix tape for the Organist featuring […]

Episode 12: Worm People

A day on the streets of New York with the singular Alabama musician and artist Lonnie Holley. Holley always sang while making his junkyard assemblages out of objects including pick-axes and buckets, but it wasn’t until the age of sixty-two that he began releasing records and performing live, both of which caught the attention of a younger generation […]

Episode Nine: The Sonic Barber’s Pole

Inside the December episode of the Organist: Kenneth Walton in conversation with Jonathon Keats on art forgery at the dawn of the internet; Andy Battaglia and Ben Vida on aural illusions and the use of psychoacoustics in art; A mixtape of Swedish progg selected by Wooden Shjips; Lars Iyer on the intersection of philosophy, literature, […]

Episode Six: The Pyramid Club

The August episode of the Organist features: Son of Rex, a tiny radio drama written by Nick Antosca and performed by Edgar Oliver; Hua Hsu on an ancient unsolved mystery of hiphop sampling; Sam McPheeters on shoplifting hardcore punk 7-inches in 80s Manhattan; French percussionist David Langlois on how his career began with the theft […]

Episode Five: Plotz

In this Episode: Sunset Television’s first-ever foray into radio: “Who’s the Other Celebrity in the Room?” Starring Manute Bol and Sly Stallone  Vernon Chatman on editing a new album of Andy Kaufman’s personal mini-cassette recordings Harmony Korine on his teenage mini-cassette recordings, his first novel, and people who plot things Camara Miller and Chris Wood […]

Episode Four: Richard, the Angel of Death

In this episode: James Franco performing a new original radio drama by the playwright Will Eno Jonathan Coulton on the strange (and infuriating) intersection of Sir Mix-a-Lot, U.S. copyright law, and Glee  Tao Lin on speaking very slowly Kitty and Kool A.D. rapping Tao Lin’s fiction as quickly as possible the artist Nick Cave on his […]

Episode Three: Tween Anxiety

Featuring! Sarah Silverman on the relative merits of her virtual pet owl Shane Carruth on the sound of  his new film, Upstream Color Conan O’Brien on “Benny,” a dissatisfying, unhelpful Frankenstein monster A brief, bizarre conversation between Jack White and Conan O’Brien Novelist Rachel Kushner (The Flamethrowers, Telex From Cuba) in conversation with painter Laura Owens […]