Ross Simonini

Episode Nine: The Sonic Barber’s Pole

Inside the December episode of the Organist: Kenneth Walton in conversation with Jonathon Keats on art forgery at the dawn of the internet; Andy Battaglia and Ben Vida on aural illusions and the use of psychoacoustics in art; A mixtape of Swedish progg selected by Wooden Shjips; Lars Iyer on the intersection of philosophy, literature, […]

Episode Six: The Pyramid Club

The August episode of the Organist features: Son of Rex, a tiny radio drama written by Nick Antosca and performed by Edgar Oliver; Hua Hsu on an ancient unsolved mystery of hiphop sampling; Sam McPheeters on shoplifting hardcore punk 7-inches in 80s Manhattan; French percussionist David Langlois on how his career began with the theft […]

Episode Five: Plotz

In this Episode: Sunset Television’s first-ever foray into radio: “Who’s the Other Celebrity in the Room?” Starring Manute Bol and Sly Stallone  Vernon Chatman on editing a new album of Andy Kaufman’s personal mini-cassette recordings Harmony Korine on his teenage mini-cassette recordings, his first novel, and people who plot things Camara Miller and Chris Wood […]

Episode Four: Richard, the Angel of Death

In this episode: James Franco performing a new original radio drama by the playwright Will Eno Jonathan Coulton on the strange (and infuriating) intersection of Sir Mix-a-Lot, U.S. copyright law, and Glee  Tao Lin on speaking very slowly Kitty and Kool A.D. rapping Tao Lin’s fiction as quickly as possible the artist Nick Cave on his […]

Episode Three: Tween Anxiety

Featuring! Sarah Silverman on the relative merits of her virtual pet owl Shane Carruth on the sound of  his new film, Upstream Color Conan O’Brien on “Benny,” a dissatisfying, unhelpful Frankenstein monster A brief, bizarre conversation between Jack White and Conan O’Brien Novelist Rachel Kushner (The Flamethrowers, Telex From Cuba) in conversation with painter Laura Owens […]

Episode Two: The Rhetorical Bed

Episode Two exists! David Cross describes his aura-sniffing powers Andrea Silenzi proposes a copyright-free alternative to the Birthday Song Devendra Banhart on the language of songwriting. (Listen to DB’s exclusive mixtape he made for the Organist!) Sam Lipsyte’s Old-News Summary Thomas Rogers on the origins of the gay male voice Brian McMullen’s indirectory of toll-free […]

Episode One: Little Language Machine

Welcome to Episode one of the Organist, wherein: the short-story master George Saunders talks about how riffing as a teenage benchwarmer led to the richly imagined voices of his fiction; Parks and Recreation‘s Nick Offerman explains the tortured etymology of the word “podcast” (it’s a conflation of the words paw and broadcast — a radio […]