Episode Eight Extras!

As promised, here are extras from Jesse Eisenberg, as well as some additional videos featuring Mike Kelley, and tracks from Alexis Georgopoulos (ARP)!

Ross Simonini’s interview with Jesse Eisenberg

Mike Kelley: Being an Artist, the Avant Garde, Frank Zappa

Mike Kelley: Art, Sickness, the Fool

Mike Kelley Full Interview from 2004

REPLICA 1 – Alexis Gerogopoulos / ARP

REPLICA 2 – Alexis Georgopoulos / ARP

BOMBSessions: ARP







The Organist reviewed in the Onion’s AV Club

Terrific review of the Organist from the Onion’s AV Club: “Stellar…impressive…thoughtful and engaged…fascinating…remarkable depth and richness…an engrossing experience that leaves listeners with plenty to think about long after episodes have ended.” We discovered  most of our favorite podcasts from the AV Club’s podcast coverage, so this glowing notice feels extra special. Scroll down on this page to read the whole review.